A view in the hall on Saturday morning.
Another view on Saturday morning.

This huge wooden model of the C.P.Huntington was brought in by Mark Boyd (and sold!).

Here's another view of the C.P.Huntington. What a wonderful centerpiece this would make for your living room!

This pair of H.K.Creswell Standard Gauge Hudsons were manufactured in a small series in the 1978-80 period. Owner: Chuck Stone

Here's another view, showing the "Blue Comet" version, with repainted Lionel 418-420 series cars.

This is a beautiful Lionel #911 Country Estate, with its 191 villa. It is from 1932-42.
This is a Lionel #195 Illuminated Terrace, with (L to R) a 189 Villa, 184 bungalow, and a 191 villa. It also includes a 90 Flagpole and two 56 Lamp Posts. This was made 1927-30.


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